Pokéfy Your Skype

If you use Skype on a regular basis, you get used to the constant bleeps and bloops it emits when people log in or out, send messages to you, send you files, etc. I discovered yesterday (due to a prank) that you can actually set voice messages for … [Read more]

The Importance Of Design

I'm not even halfway through the latest episode of Vector, but there have been so many great quotes about topics that have been on my mind lately, I had to write a quick post about it. Rene Ritchie asks: "When should you give users settings and … [Read more]

Design Is How It Works

Dave Wiskus in the latest episode of Vector: "People will say that they've been going through Dribbble looking for a designer... and that always shocks me. If you're searching for an app designer or interaction designer based on the way they make … [Read more]